Margaret Downey takes big steps forward

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Margaret Downey takes big steps forward

Segment 4: An Atheist Cold War Thaws?

Matt Cherry, executive director of the Institute for Humanist Studies, speaks in the studio with Margaret Downey, new president of the Atheist Alliance International. Downey explains why Atheist Alliance International, and American Atheists, the two largest U.S.-based atheist organizations, hold their annual conferences on the same day. Downey says she favors moving the AAI conference date to foster more opportunities for the two groups to collaborate.

The audio is from show #10 of Humanist Network News


Margaret is trying to unify and we should.  There are still some hold outs!  Who knows what opportunities have been missed as a result of not having some sort of core, working together.  Things could be better, it's up to us to make them better.  It's time to stop being old school.  The groups that haven't yet unified could be holding us all back.

If you have yet to come on board please understand, Downey's Rottweiler's hope to see all atheist orgs take a meaningful step towards unity within one year.

The audio discussion above is now of historical significance as we recount Margaret Downey's feeings and opinions before she was in fact successful at achieving her goals.  Unfortunately the venue wasn't big enough as she got outnumbered in a vote of the board for a bigger location.  She wanted a venue of 700 plus but ended up with a venue of about 450.  She would have been right, as the venue sold out with 600 people on the waiting list.  Only 600 were on the waiting list because many had heard that the list was already so long.

- Downey's Rotweillers

(as of posting this was not read by Margaret Downey.  Commentary in this post is solely that of the biggest baddest atheist activist machine in the country, of which you would never want to be on its bad side because... we ain't Margaret.)