Rook Hawkins LIVE tonight in Stickam.

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Rook Hawkins LIVE tonight in Stickam.

Rook Hawkins will be live in the RRS debate room tonight working with Left of Larry at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University), which is airing the God Who Wasn't There movie! Left of Larry contacted Rook a week ago and asked him to participate as the expert who fields answers to questions at the end of the Movie.

To enter the RRS Debate Room, you must be a member of stickam. Go to and sign up for a free account. Then log in, and click this link:


Once you are in you'll be able to view the discussion and even ask a few questions on your own, although the main focus will be directed towards the VCU audience after the movie.


Rook is live and fielding questions at about 8pm est. Until that point you may have a hard time hearing the movie.

Once you're all signed up with Stickam, send a friend request to our two main accounts: