RRS So Cal - Looking for new members

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RRS So Cal - Looking for new members

Hi Everyone,

Jinxi and I started the So Cal Chapter about 6 months ago. As many of you may already know, we were the "Proud Atheist Family" on ABC's Wife Swap back in Jan 2007. We swapped with with a ultra religious family from North Carolina. We were simi active in the atheist community before the show, but after filming the show we were drawn to the RRS and Brian because we were shocked by the irrational thought process of the other swap family. We felt we needed to become more active and help to end the indoctrination of children into delutional belief systems.

After working with Brian and the RRS crew we started the So Cal chapter of the RRS and it has been growing ever since. We have had several meet-ups, including going to see Comedy Jesus with other memebers. He is one of our members and does a fantastic comedy routine around JC and Conservative politics.

Anyway, we are currently looking for new members from the So Cal area (obviously we love members from around the world) so that we can help to fight against the huge institution that is religion in So Cal. We hope to continue to have regular meet-ups, parties and other organized events. If anyone has ideas for a meet-up in the area please let us know.

You can check out RRS So Cal on Myspace by going to:




We would love to add you to our list and meet up with you at our next event.

So, if you want to End Theism then check us out at www.endtheism.com and join up.



Steve and Jinxi


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These are really cool

These are really cool folks, so if anyone out there is in Southern California, you would enjoy this group.


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