Rational Response Squad: Oklahoma - - Video

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Rational Response Squad: Oklahoma - - Video

We made this video on March 04, 2007. We walk around a mall and see if there are any people who will let us ask them a few questions about their religion. We even found an Atheist couple in the mall, but they are not included in the video.


This video was inspired by g0at, many props to him.




"The idea of a personal God is an anthropological concept which I am unable to take seriously." [Albert Einstein, letter to Hoffman and Dukas, 1946]

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This was fun, we have to

This was fun, we have to prep up for another video!

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This video demonstrates

This video demonstrates that most people who call themselves "christian" do so because they were brought up like that by their parents, they are not really Christian, merely ignorant, and if they picked up the Bible, they would stop being Christian. (And this was in the buckle of the bible belt!!). People who are like this I call "the sheep who nod to God once in a while".

I feel that when atheism becomes more visible and vocal, a huge amount of the sheep who nod to god will stop being Christian. 

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