Rational Response Squad - Nebraska

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Rational Response Squad - Nebraska

After a little research and "Intense" thinking, Questioning, and a few more items... I have decided to start a RRS Group in the state of Nebraska.  Right now members can just join up at:


This move was caused for many reasons but the biggest one that shocked me was either no other group has ever advertised an Atheist group in Nebraska, or there has never been a public atheist group in Nebraska.  

The discussions will be lead through myspace for those people in the group, but they will also be addressed to try to participate in the forums here, on rationalresponders.com

 Suggestions, comments... anything will do!



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I am on there z00k you have

I am on there z00k you have my support!

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Hey Zook

You know im there bro. I'll be there with fries later Sticking out tongue