Free Downloads of the Rational Redneck Hour!

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Free Downloads of the Rational Redneck Hour!


I have plenty of people that like listening to me, but very few that are willing to pay for downloads. Don't worry, I don't take that personally. now i have decided to make this more of a hobby and less of a business. as such i will still be doing shows, about once a month, or maybe more or less, depending on how much time and money i have and what mood i am in as well as what the schedule looks like at freethoughtmedia. (i can't do a show when another host is doing theirs LOL)

anyway people can still send me money (think of it like giving a waitress tip, or putting money in a tip jar for a singer at the bar. (just go to my freethought media profile and click the paypal icon.)

here's my profile link.

anyway you can get to the free downloads by going to my home-page.

once there just click "my audio."