Future Freebie-ask Qs! Gee, hey Spot! (Gspot; Aspot)

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Future Freebie-ask Qs! Gee, hey Spot! (Gspot; Aspot)

Ask me questions about:

The G-spot
The Clitoris
The A-spot
The glans
other anatomical sexual parts

For this week, I'm not going to have an actual broadcast because I have to do more training for a job, and because I'm planning a trip out of town again at the end of the week. Also, at the end of my last show, someone asked an important question in chat that I didn't have the time to answer before the end. They asked:


Their words, not mine - forgive the caps, as this is an important question. I want to devote some time to this question, and I also want to devote some time to perhaps talking about the clitoris, the A-spot and the glans. This might end up being more than one download, depending on how I can plan it, but I want to be able to answer everyone's questions, and to make sure that you have sufficient information from the show(s). Hopefully I can have it/them ready by the end of the week, but I'm not making any promises, it could be sometime next week before I get it completed, especially if I have as many questions as I would like.

I feel that this is important sex ed information, and that is another main reason why it is a freebie. My other shows have covered important topics, but these are ranked just a little more important Smile