BJ's Bs show hopes to get back on track.

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BJ's Bs show hopes to get back on track.

Our lack of pressence has to do with a couple factors. Freethought media is gowing through changes and and Silky is dealing with some computer issues as well as  personal issues outside the show that have taken her attention. John has been working hard on school and learning the violin.

 We are looking to get back on Freethought Media or whatever new setup we can broadcast on. We are also looking to broadcast on other feeds as well.

Silky, John, Bob and I will be meeting Friday to see what options we have. We'd like to do a show on Sunday if something is available and ready . We will let you know when we start broadcasting again. Hopefully we can find pattern to follow.

I want to thank RRS for their patience in keeping this section on the forum and Freethought media for everything they have done and do for all atheists and atheist broadcasters.

Hopefully soon you can hear us rant rave and say rediculous things once again. 




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