RRS Trendsetters (Michael Moore copies RRS)

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RRS Trendsetters (Michael Moore copies RRS)

Apparently Michael Moore has taken a cue from the RRS' Blasphemy Challenge.  Moore is asking people to put their videos online about their problems with their health insurance companies and he'll deliver the videos to Congress.  Not that different from asking Atheists to deny the holy spirit on Youtube and get a free DVD.

Fundies will probably come out with something lame like accepting Jesus on Youtube and getting eternity in heaven as a reward.  To nobody's surprise the RRS and Moore gave better offers.



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i had heard some you tube pastor wanted to start a 'i accept jesus, god and the holy spirit" campaign but as far as i know it never got any where... LOL

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Since the Blasphemy

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You know it would be fun to

You know it would be fun to make a challenge to all those other challenges, even the ones challenging the challenges to the first challenge.


I think I said that right...