Rational Response Squad vs. Islam?

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 Add your favorite

 Add your favorite anti-islam sites.

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I met an atheist x-Muslim at

I met an atheist x-Muslim at a local gas station and told him about the x-Muslim site mentioned in the You tube video where the woman was trying to save an apostate from deportation from the U.K back to a country where he would have been put to death for leaving Islam.

He(meaning the guy I met) was giddy that there was a place especially for him having left Morocco and Islam.

But, even with some more liberal atheist and religious websites AND even media in general, some of these websites with the GOOD intent of fighting bigotry go way overboard in political correctness. I am concerned that some sites, even mentioned here, may be shooting themselves in the foot by some of their rules.

I cant remember the name of the site I gave him, it may even be on this list. But like I said, I DID NOT JOIN that site because of it's restrictive rules basically saying you can't "offend" anyone. I would find it hard to have any kind of debate on the issue of religion without someone even being offeded by the mere statement "Your god is fiction". 

Censorship does not end bigotry.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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People who think there is something they refer to as god don't ask enough questions.

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I'm kind of curious if

I'm kind of curious if there's an "everyone's" version of the qu'ran. I have little desire to muddle through a style of writing as inefficient, boring, and stretched out as the bible, but since we had our first delusional jew show up recently, it's probably only a matter of time before a delusional moslem joins too. I handled the jew easily enough despite my general ignorance of judaism, but I'd have done so in half the effort if I'd had a better general knowledge of judaic claims to start from. Half of my responses were geared specifically to trying to figure it out when she was being as dodgy as possible in a futile effort to stop me figuring it out. I'd rather not waste so much effort on newcomers in the future.

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