If you think you are not that guy, that is not true, sometimes you can be that guy and not realize it.

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If you think you are not that guy, that is not true, sometimes you can be that guy and not realize it.

 Everyone knows the old axiom you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make them drink.

i have been a complete ass on other website thinking having the facts was aways more inportant than someones feelings. No, it is but context matters. Sometimes you simply have to accept time place and context matter more than being right.


Now still don't care if someone gets offended, because it is about logic, not wanting to have anyone arrested or burnt at the stake. But even then, it also applies that time place and context matter.  Or more simply put, nobody likes a know it all. 


Well today and basically over the past couple of weeks on another website I did exactly what I sad I hated someone doing to me. I crashed really hard with reality hitting me in the face. It sucks that it took that to happen, and beyond that, while I am not banned, I damned sure know I am on a knifes edge, and even without any  ill intent, if they think they smell it, it still will not matter. Like the boy who cried wolf, was right the last time, but beause of shouting WOLF WOLF WOLF when really it was simply not right to repeat what I thought was correct because people will, like it or not will simply get to the point where they don't fucking care even if they do think you are right.


Now I have noticed I have been bombastic  and repetitive, and while I still think most of the stuff I am correct on, it may not be worth it at all if the end result is it having the opposite desired outcome than I wanted or expected. 


The problem was the repetition not the fact I sad it. I spammed so fucking much people got annoyed not because I was wrong, but I kept repeating myself. So none of that repitition got me what I wanted.


So even with here, while I havent posted neearly anything close to what I posted on the other website, I want everyone here to know two things.


I really am not entitled to be right even if I know I am becuase the world doesn't owe me shit and I crashed hard today because I stupidly thought I wasn't that guy. But here is how I know I was..


A long time ago my older fundy brother sucked the emotional life out of me because he thought my being an atheist would send me to hell. But here is the thing, you tell someone that once or even twice, I understand your intent, you've said it, but repeating it all the time won't make me believe you, it will just piss me off. So I had become the very person I thought it was ok to be, but it turned out I was just as much as an ass as my older brother without realizing it.

So from now on, while I cant promise I won't be repetitive again, do know this, just like an alcoholic especially  life time alcoholic would not be wise to promise they wont do it agian, because the real reality is that the longer you have any addiction the harder it may be for you to regulate to moderation. But this is not alcohol so it isnt about moderation for your own liver, it is moderation so that others won't think you are an ass. 


I will always be unafraid to ridicule, criticise or even blaspheme, but no mater what, like I said, time place and context matter if you expect someone to take you seriously. There simply are some places where the repitition will do the opposite of what you intend, so while having facts is important, it still matters to know when to pick your battles. 

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