How this website still exists!

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How this website still exists!

 Brings back memories the time I spent here long ago. 

I am still unconfortable with the Theist badge like before (I'm Agnostic), but looking back on my posts and things I said I dramatically changed my mind on one topic.

I now say that free will does not exist and doens't make logical sense. I changed my mind dramatically about Sam Harris and I follow his podcast "religiously".

This forum looks dead though. Sign of the times we are living I guess... and that we all got older


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i'm happy it still exists,

i'm happy it still exists, if nothing else than as an archive of one of the most fruitful mass discussions in internet history. a very few still post here once in a great while. it's still a pipe dream of mine that more will come back here one day, as mainstream social media continually prove to be a stifling and corporately engineered form of discourse. if i were on twitter, i'd start #returntorrs.


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 Brian Sapient has done far

 Brian Sapient has done far more for the skeptic community than anyone can know. He is not your Hitchens or Dawkins, but just like A Phillip Randolph was to MLK, Brian Sapiant is a pilliar of the atheist/skepitic community. 

For every shoulder you know the name of, there are far more that those you know stand on. 

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