The extinction of dog catchers

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The extinction of dog catchers

I doubt if anyone under 40 has ever seen a dog catcher and would only know what one is from old cartoons. But in the past, there used to be a huge problem with feral dogs and cats roaming the streets. The dogs and cats were homeless, hungry, fighting and spreading disease. But of course, many saw the problem and would just feed the feral animals to keep them from starving, this only made the problem worse. In NYC in the 1800s, there used to put a bounty on catching homeless dogs and cats that would later be drowned in the river. A genocide of dogs and cats.

But, the zeitgeist changed where mandatory population control is now seen as the humane and rational way to control their populations. Of course there were the irrational that opposed this and said it was cruel and unnecessary to fix dogs and cats. But thanks to a victory of reason and science over the irrational and emotional, there is no homeless dog and cat problem. In fact we have the opposite that people that want to adopt can not find a dog.

It is imperitave that we apply the same lesson in biology to the human species. But it would seem the hardest thing for humans to do is look in the mirror and see that our biology is the same as our evolutionary cousins. And that we need the same solutions to our problems.

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