Bob Spence and my late mother.

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Bob Spence and my late mother.


My one regret between Bob Spence and my late mother, was that they never got to meet face to face in person. I did however take another trip to Australia this year and paid for Bob and my friend "Hillbilly Atheist"  airline ticked so Bob's friend and my friend "HB" could see where Bob lived John and Bob and I met online in the early 2000s. John "Hillbilly Atheist", also never got to meet Bob Spence in person. But at least John was able to visit and see where our late friend Bob lived.

I was unaware however, upon visiting Bob's sister, that she had planned on giving me a small urn of his ashes to bring home with me. I now have Bob's ashes and my late mother's ashes sitting side by side. My mom loved Bob like a son. And I cannot begin to tell  you how many times on Skype the two of them would gang tease me in a video chat. I miss both of them tremendously. But at least this way, they can be together phyically and in my memories. 



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