New Zealand attacker trolling the media.

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New Zealand attacker trolling the media.

Pretty clear the guy wanted to trigger a SJW virtue signalling marathon against 'racist right-wing white supramisists'. They of course obliged, immediately came out with a naritive before knowing any facts, he played them like a fiddle. The guy doesn't have any coherent politial views. His economic views are socialist.

It is all about sexual frustration, depression, mental illness and a narcissistic quest for significance. Taking his anger at the world and trying to blow it up by starting WW3.  But idiots will folllow there media masters and believe that Trump anyone that doesn't want 100% open borders is responsible.

New Zealand like the US has a massive housing shortage, yet they invite tons of refugees into an island nation will no plan on how to house all these people. Their compassion trumps any reason or math. So of course these population pressures will create resentment. It is not white supremisism, it is fucking math.


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