McCain's memorial today gives me some hope.

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McCain's memorial today gives me some hope.


It must piss off the orange fuckface that he wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding, nor Barba Bush's funeral and now McCain.


It was comforting to see The Obama's and Clinton's and Bush's sitting in the same row. And on top of that every speaker at McCain's memorial gave a not so subtle hint for the orange asshole to SHUT THE FUCK UP.



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 Trump didn't actually need

 Oh yeah Brian, I bet Trump was super "pissed off" that he wasn't invited but then Trump didn't actually need to be there because he's already living rent free inside their heads....and they all proved it. 


I bet Trump recorded it so he could savor their collective rage over and over while he's banging his hot wife.


Oh, and raising the WH flag to full staff before the official period of mourning ended, that was some hard core trolling of the McCain synchophants.


  Interesting fact, McCain died exactly 9 years to the day as his buddy Ted Kennedy and from the exact same form of brain cancer.


  I wonder if the Russians were behind this coincidence ?


( edited to emphasize sarcasm )



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