Comey slams president Shithole in new book.

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Comey slams president Shithole in new book.

 It's all over the news of course. 

But basically he says what the sane already know, that 45 is a bully. Basically equates him as to behaving like a mafia boss.


I really am enjoying watching that fucker squirm.

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Comey is a fucktard shithole

Comey is a fucktard shithole douche bag. One step behind Paul Ryan and Sean Hannity.

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 Comey just admitted that

 Comey just admitted that he based his invetigation on the assumption that Hillary would win. He didn't want her globalist/open borders/tax slave agenda to be stopped by any cloud of suspitition. So he is an admitted partisian hack. One set of justice for the elites another for everyone else.

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Patently ridiculous since

Patently ridiculous since both sides of the coin were elitist pro rich.

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