Do you have a Freethinking group?

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Do you have a Freethinking group?

Do you have a Freethinking group that you meet in person? A few years back, I was gung-ho about getting involved in activism but I've reached the point where I don't really care what label I am or about being around other members of my group. Maybe it's the small group I was going to soured me or I got sick of the same few people that would go. Do you have a local group? What about this group makes you want to come back?

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I've gone solo on eveything.

I've gone solo on eveything. I used to belong to several groups and I gave up on the politics and the bullshit. Too many egos. If I need any help I go online and look for some assistance from others.

Not that I think groups are bad, but 9/10 of the ones I've been involved with were more draining that they were good.

BTW - All groups were problems, not just atheist groups, which include star gazing, muscle cars or gaming.


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I've found I have too little

I've found I have too little in common with most other people to get anything out of such activities.

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