Art/Science on "Uncertainty"

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Art/Science on "Uncertainty"


So, I've written a text on "uncertainty" and wonder if it can inspire discussion here. It's actually more than a text, it's also an exhibition of art having to do with science. It can be glimpsed HERE.

The text in a nutshell is that uncertainty is at the core of science -- and supernatural beliefs which fill the unknown with made-up explanations are nothing more than an attempt to "certain-ize" and, as it were, decaffeinate our existential insecurities. But we'd do much better to live with and celebrate uncertainty as the spark of curiosity, creativity, innovation, and exploration. Uncertainty is an irritant, but an irritant to savor.

The full text: 



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I'm not sure what happened

I'm not sure what happened to your link but I think this is the proper one I that I found on the website given by you for the exhibition.


Uncertainty is a great subject. It is one of those words hardly used these days.

I find it is swept back in to a corner of the mind and replaced by ignorance. Acknowledging uncertainty allows one to question their reality.


As for the exhibit, wish I was in the area to see it. Will it be travelling around the country?

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Unfortunately uncertainty is

Unfortunately uncertainty is only valued in science. Elsewhere it's actually a liability.

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Uncertainty is a great subject - if only there was more uncertainty and more skepticism in the world. 

"Experiments are the only means of knowledge at our disposal. The rest is poetry, imagination." Max Planck