Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

Rumours of Nintendo's new console have been floating around for a year or so, but until recently there was no real and credible information, and thus no reason to speak about it.

Information is still sketchy. There's no word on its power or media or even price.

But the console has been revealed. And developers are promising content. All in all, while I do not yet have enough information to truly predict its impact on the industry, I can say that things are looking very good so far. While the Switch is still a bit gimmicky like the Wii U was, the Wii U was almost all gimmick and no substance. The Switch is a different animal altogether.

Instead of describing the features/gimmicks/etc. that have been released so far I'll suggest watching this.

Now I can't say I'm firmly behind the console as yet. Personally I'm not a fan of the controller layout or shape, and from what I've seen the damn thing is tiny. But that's all personal preference. The concepts are still cool, and I'm certain many people will like the setup just fine.

I can't begin to guess how Switch will fair against the dominant PS4 or the strong XBox 1, but I do think I can say with confidence that the Switch will outperform the Wii U by a significant margin.

However, the power of the console will be even more significant this time than it was on their last release. Mobile gaming has hit huge numbers. The reason consoles still own the market is because no mobile device can compare with a Sony or Microsoft console on power or price. In order for the Switch to do well, it will have to have power. If any random cell phone can compete with it, the Switch is in trouble. Especially with Nintendo exclusives beginning to show up on mobile.

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yeah I saw that. I had a

yeah I saw that. I had a friend purchase a wii U about six months ago. I laughed because I knew they were dumping it.

The Switch is supposed to be awesome, but I'll not hold my breath.