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Just turnt on the Tee Vee and--they were on a mural by someone that's making the rounds about the planet. There was a bunch of gawkers and swooners in tow giving it the stares. I couldn't find anything to swoon about but did gawk. (shrug) I gave it a 10 and 10. It looked to me like 10 10 year olds went hog nuts with dady stuff from the garage and schmeared up the wall in back for the building. It seems like I must be one of them uncultured swine I've heard about. May be sonmeone told the swooners this was something to swoon about and under the powers of suggestion they obeyed the pied piper.

I got to wondering --if I went out to the landfill and took a closeup of the scence that floks would swoon over the pic if I told them to.

The only possible thing the world needs saving from are those running it.


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