Mind control attempt.

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Mind control attempt.

It ain't working on me though.

I"m going along watching ' air crash investigation' on youtube and every 30 seconds a line of text appears at the top of the video, ---Air Crash Investigation Hillary Clinton---Duh, wut da. No ad no other message, just air crash invetigationj Hillary Clinton---air crash investigation Hillary Clinton---over and over and over and over etc etc etc etc. So, it's no longer about any information on what the candidate is about, it's merely subliminal messaging. The floks of the US of Amerika have got to be getting pretty dumbo and stupid if that shit really works. Just vote for the person that has the most name flashes---Is that really honest. I hardy think so. Jeepers jumping jehosaphat land sakes o goshen,  I forgot to take the little blue pill this morning. It's a wonderful world when one can see the sunshine at 12 midnight.

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