Military Veteran Activist Atheist on verge of homelessness

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Military Veteran Activist Atheist on verge of homelessness

Dear Community,

I'm writing today to ask for you to help a friend of ours, and by "ours" I mean the atheist community as well as Americans that respect our veterans.  You knew him as un0 on our website, however his real name is Michael Lawson.  He's a brilliant man that has participated in online activism dating back to the Blasphemy Challenge.  

Today Michael is having an issue of which he just alerted us to out of desperation, he held out as long as he could.  Now he needs our financial help and I write to you to ask to make a financial contribution to his gofundme page.  If you are unable to make a contribution, please share his story.  Let's give Michael a hand up, he's given us a great deal more.

Michael Lawson un0rrs wrote:

The state has placed a levy against my bank account again, which is the only way I can receive my VA disability check and pay my rent and barely feed myself. This time, they absolutely will not release it until I pay them 2500 dollars. My rent was due 8 days ago.

I have borrowed everything I can from relatives, they're all broke too. I have no one else to ask. I have been job hunting for the last few months, and I am very close to a very nice job in SQL database administration for an aircraft rental company, but if I don't have a functioning bank account, I won't even be able to get there. Travel costs money. Everything costs money when you're poor.

I literally have to raise 2500 dollars to be dead broke. Anything I get beyond that will go toward keeping myself fed and arranging transportation to any job I may get. But if I don't get this business with the state handled now, it won't make a difference even if I get the job. Without a large influx of cash right now, I'll most likely end up on the street sometime this week, and eventually in jail for contempt.

I know most of my friends and family had no idea things had gotten this bad, beyond a few vague references to myself as being broke all the time. Well, that's because I have pride, and I hate asking for money, even when I really need it. But now I do. Really really badly.

I've lost a lot of friends over the past year or so. I haven't been a pleasant person to be around, so I isolated myself, hoping to be forgotten long enough to pull myself out of this hole where I don't have to depend on others to live. It ultimately comes down to the fact that I hated myself for being such a massive failure. I have been paralyzed. I allowed the hopelessness to carry me into a state of complete apathy. I simmered in my anger, and blamed other people for it. I'm sorry to anyone I hurt during this time. It wasn't about you.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

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That's unfortunate. I'll

That's unfortunate. I'll pass the word on.

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