Gay friendly church has rainbow flags burned........

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Gay friendly church has rainbow flags burned........

I hope someone rats out whomever did this.

But this also addresses the divisions religions cause. There are right wing Christians who have seen this story in the news, it was on local TV too, who are secretly cheering this sick behavior on. It is the same reason Sunnis and Shiites cant get long too. All religions, be it the empathetic liberal left, or the theocratic bigoted right, the sub sects read the same books and come to different conclusions as to what their god wants morally.

Theses sickos might as well be burning crosses or throwing gays off rooftops. But this is also why I don't like my well intended left always insisting on never offending. The right is still using the same book the left is.

"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus -- and nonbelievers."Obama
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Brian is too stupid to

Brian is too stupid to comprehend that religion can hardly be held responsible for acts that don't require religious belief to commit.
Also, who the fuck cares if some ugly flags were burned? Thousands of people die every day and I'm supposed to care about wasted fabric? Fuck you.

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