Way to go Bruce Springsteen and way to go Bryan Adams

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Way to go Bruce Springsteen and way to go Bryan Adams

 The Boss canceled his NC concert in protest of clearly bigoted laws discrimnating against transgendered. And Bryan Adams canceled his Mississippi  concert becuase of bigoted laws against LGBT in that state. Way to go!

Yes, this has been out as a story for a couple of days, so what. I still applaud it and agree with it.

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 Excuse me for asking what

 Excuse me for asking what exactly is the stardard for who should be allowed to use what locker room or bathroom?

Should the standard for male/female be testoterone level as the olympics have done?

Does chromosones have anything to do with bathroom eligibility? Physical appearance? What a person claims their gender is? Can some claim to be both male and female?

Which bathroom should a person with female genitailla and hi testoterone use? Can transgendered use either? Can anyone use either?


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