Margo Price "About To Find Out" country music song and basically what voters will do to Mein Drumpf and the GOP in November.

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Margo Price "About To Find Out" country music song and basically what voters will do to Mein Drumpf and the GOP in November.

 Not into Country Music but this is one song I absolutely love!

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Country sucks, and she's

Country sucks, and she's about to find out her country is dumber than she thinks. Trump might actually win. It certainly isn't going to be a landslide victory for the democrats. Any country that can put George Bush into power twice is capable of anything.

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I don't

particularly think to much of D Trump, but, he does have some points to consider. No civilization can let hoards of floks cross their borders. If Cannadiens can't cross into the US without proper ID and paper work then why is it to be different on the southern border. The Europeans lernt the hard way. Now they've closed off the travel routes and are attempting to turn the migrants around to go home, to the point of running thier Coast Guards back and forth in front of the boats arriving. While the Euros were nicely altruistic a few months back, it only caused more to travel to Europe.

And, it is about time other coutries start footing the bill to pay for the protection the US has been undertaking for the last 75 years. This whole situation is the same as the Roman Empire going over half the planet to convince peoples that Rome knew what's best for everyone. The Romans thought everyone else was nuts when they didn't like Rome interferring in their business. Hasn't this all been seen and done before. What makes the US think it's got the right formula for everyone else. I don't see the US doing anything different then what's already been done in times past. What gives Trump the attraction is -he's saying what's been bothering floks for a long time. All this Politically Correct nonsense may have finally gotten to tiresome for most floks.

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