Humans are important to the universe? I don't think so.

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Humans are important to the universe? I don't think so.

 A Facebook friend sent me this link. It goes well with Sagan's Pale Blue Dot speech as far as demonstrating our planet's size and place in the universe.



All this cares about humans? I don't think so.

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of course it doesn't care

of course it doesn't care about humans, it doesn't have the capacity to care about anything. value is completely relative, it has nothing to do with how much space something occupies.

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Agree with both posts.

The universe created a caring elements, mainly cognative beings. It is only through the cognative elements that "Care" is created. The rest of the universe cant't care, it's not cognative. Care can only come about by "a Knowing".

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Brian continues making

Brian continues making assertions without evidence. Perpetual failure.

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