Growing electronics inside plants

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Growing electronics inside plants

Electronic plants created

November 20, 2015

Linköping University

Researchers have created analog and digital electronics circuits inside living plants. The scientists have used the vascular system of living roses to build key components of electronic circuits.

The article featured in the journal Science Advances demonstrates wires, digital logic, and even displays elements -- fabricated inside the plants -- that could develop new applications for organic electronics and new tools in plant science.

I can see it now. 25 years in the future, your xmas tree will come with the lights included. Poking out like little stems. It'll also tell you when to throw it out, and bitch at you when you're late for an appointment. Hell, it might even throw itself out when the time comes.

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How about

plants like smart beans that glow on the ends when ready to pick. I was on a transport to Az this last week, and when I got back yesterday I went tp put my bedding back together for bed time. I've had a mouse ot two around --and when I lifted the side of the matress to tuck in I found about a quart jars worth of acorns under the matresss----So, how about genetically produced mice that pick those beans when lite up and put them in the kitchen sink. What does that say for our own evolutionary processes---we'll evolve withoput arms and legs cuz we won't need them any more. We'll probably end up being a brain on a stump in the forest with all the critters taking care of us. Gone will be the days of the basketball hero, the race car driver. The NFL will be all chimps representing brains in different parts of the world. Not very exciting, huh. We'll all end up thinking thoughts that don't amount to a hill of beans. Smiling

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