This is interesting.

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This is interesting.

What do you think. This is somethiung like The Old Seers encountered into in our studies. I thought of yis the other day and thought I would look it up. It's an insight that shows why we aren't understood very easily. I looked up "legal definition of human" to see again see what the worlds idea of human is. I'm not trying to create an argument or debate, and submit this for interst. I don't know if the URL will work.

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Most terminology used to

Most terminology used to describe any form of life is largely arbitrary.

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Even if this wasn't filled

Even if this wasn't filled with logical fallacies, I don't understand the point he's trying to make. And yes, I realize it says "satirical" at the top.


I understand the point you're trying to make, but not him.

Yes, communication is important, and it's hard at times. What I really want to conclude from that page, however, is that it's far easier for us to understand each other if we are making an honest effort. However, if we are, instead, intentionally trying to be confusing and engage in mental masturbation, like this guy. And, go on a lot of unnecessary tangents, committing various logical fallacies, and not addressing the real issue, like this guy. Then, it'll obviously be harder for us to understand each other.

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