Hi I am Dutch Heretic from the Netherlands

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Hi I am Dutch Heretic from the Netherlands

Hi My name is Dirk and my internet entity is DutchHeretic

I have a rather obscur blog http://dutchheretic.blogspot.com and an english language atheist websitehttp://www.dutchheretic.com which I both write under the alias : Ned Heiden wich loosely translates as dutch heathen..

Only close friends get to know my real name because it is such a peculiar name that it always shows up intop of any google search about me , and thanks to google maps and streetview one can find exactly where I live more a less in three mouse clicks

That usually was not a problerm but since I became active in American Atheism I have received death threats by snail mail so I quickly erased any trail as good as possible Let me describe myself quoting a passage of one of my

It started when I had an epiphany..

Not of the divine kind, far from that, it was more of studying the gathered pieces of a puzzle and suddenly seeing every one of them spontaneously perfectly falling in place.  It was like the Eureka moment after discovering the Archimedes Principle, that made Archimedes forget to put his clothes on and run naked in the streets shouting "Eureka eureka I found it I found it"  I am a little more down to earth and instead of running through the streets naked, I hurried to get a notebook and pencil to write it down before it would slip my mind. As a result of that I will try to make heads of tails of it for the first time in this text.

Richard Dawkins has a seven point scale  to help people describe themselves with regard to their level of conviction about theism and atheism.
1.    Strong theist. 100 per cent probability of God
2.    De facto theist. Very high probability but short of 100 per cent
3.    Leaning towards theism. Higher than 50 per cent but not very high
4.    Leaning towards atheism. Lower than 50 per cent but not very low
5.    Completely impartial. Exactly 50 per cent
6.    De facto atheist. Very low probability, but short of zero.
7.    Strong atheist. the type of I know there is no God

However I would even consider myself type  8.
It is like adding a step from the superlative to get the to exaggerative with the only purpose  to show  that I mean business..

Type 8 is a Type 7 with a serious attitude, because  I seriously dislike the word atheist, it  still indicates  existence of theism and the religious principle, which  I completely dismiss as an insult to any intelligence (including insects) and the summit of idiocy that is not even worth a split second of my attention.

About Me

I am a 4th generation Dutch Atheist Dutch citizen and single father and living in the Netherlands .
To me, organized religions represent things worse than any deadly plague the world had to suffer in human history..
We could be exploring the universe right now if religions hadn't halted all progress for over 1300 years by sheer religious tyranny and rule of terror..
Please take a look at my blog http://dutchheretic.blogspot.com , I have some videos on: https://www.youtube.com/user/DutchHeretic and my website http://www.dutchheretic.com and leave me a message in my guest book..

I really detest liars, manipulators, haters, religious zealots, brawlers, sock puppet accounts, trolls or whatever these cheating impostors can be called..
It seems like Lying and Cheating and manipulating the truth is embedded in American society that much that it is almost a part of the culture..
"If your lie is exposed ? well, try to lie your ass out of it! " I see that in American sitcoms all the time like they want to say "come on lying is fun"
I want no part of this , so I simply never lie in my comments..
Why would I ? I have all the facts and proof to back up my statements, while my opponents usually come up with fictitious, completely made up arguments , religious falsehoods and those ever present lies.. If I would not have found lots of sane (mostly Liberal) friends on a website called  sodahead, I would have left this insanity long ago..
I am a man of reason and logic, and no I don't have pointy ears..  Well that's me in a nutshell   Dirk. DutchHeretic/Ned Heiden 

The world is unfair, even if you have done it, they STILL blame you

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Welcome. Smiling

Enlightened Atheist, Gaming God.

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In Dutch

Welcome to thee site. I'm in Canada myself near Toronto.

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 Welcome to the site, post

 Welcome to the site, post early, post often. 

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 Be sure to barbecue

 Be sure to barbecue kittens, record the NFL without their permission and rip the tags off of your mattress.


Oh and I am sure you are aware of Ayaan Hirsi Ali considering. Welcome.

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Welcome to Rational

Welcome to Rational Responders.

I think you switched 4 and 5 there.

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DutchHeretic wrote:It

DutchHeretic wrote:

It started when I had an epiphany..

Hello! Welcome to the site!

I'm curious what your epiphany was...

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 I watched a few minutes of

 I watched a few minutes of the video on your block concerning the dumbest christian and I had to stop watching it because the stupid was sucking all my intelligence out.

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 Dutch, I'm glad we've

 Dutch, I'm glad we've finally got you on board.  Thanks for posting and I look forward to seeing more!