K-Pop War: The Kafir Strikes Back

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               Great satire, it took a little research on my part when I thought it was an Asian Onion [it isn't] or a Malaysian version of faux news [it somewhat is] It is owned and operated by backers of the current government,  and the op-ed's are mostly written by sitting members of a state government;  there is no way Westerners would call that free and indipendent journalism, but it seems to be par for Malaysia; all factions have their own media outlets. Malaysia is a peacefull democracy mostly Muslim, at least they change goverments every few years without a civil war.  But not without a lot of corruption and hypocracy , the writer Ooi Kok-Hin  shows all the 2 and 3 faced hypocracys in his biting satire,  and it was likely far more biting to  a Malaysian, good for him.

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