Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap

Interested to see yalls take on this issue and your reasoning. The claim seems to be this gap is caused by discrimination against women.

My take: complete myth.

Reasoning: No rational argument has been put forth that would convince me otherwise. It makes zero sense in either theory or practice.

The argument seems to go like this:

Observation: Women make something like .77 for every dollar a man makes (complete nonsense apples to oranges comparison btw)
Hypothesis to Explain Observation: Discrimination
Evidence to Support Hypothesis: Women make something like .77 for every dollar a man makes

As an aside, this sort of nonsensical thinking leads to things like calls for "fair pay" legislation (see Lilly Ledbetter Pay Fair Act) which actually hurt women.

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Beyond Saving wrote:Really?

Beyond Saving wrote:
Really? So if you said "yes" to the wage they would turn you away?

Eh.. huh?

Beyond Saving wrote:
Utterly bizarre way to talk about wages. The only wage discussions I've had in interviews is the employer asking what kind of wages the interviewee expects. And the main purpose of that question is to feel them out so you know what to offer.

Yes, and they have a few dozen people with different answers. If 5 people with the same qualifications give 5 different answers, which would you call first? I suspect it would be the one who said they'd take min wage. And that you'd offer min wage. And they'd take it, because you have 4 other people you can call who are equally qualified and who might undercut a higher wage request. And they know that, or at the least they fear that.

I don't know how it works over there, but here you have a 3 month probation period (details are more complicated than is worth getting into, so I'll leave it at that). During that time you can be fired for any reason, or no reason at all. Government protection of your status as an employee doesn't kick in until its over. So an employer has three months to find someone else who will work better or faster or cheaper. It is not in a persons interest to badger an employer about money until you are recognised by the government. And with the severe number of jobless available, there is always someone willing and able to replace you at a moments notice even after that protection has kicked in.

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