Disturbing truth about Rudolph, NSFW, or kids......Parody

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Disturbing truth about Rudolph, NSFW, or kids......Parody

 Yea little known fact. He has cleaned himself up. But here is the original song that was scrapped and revised while he was in rehab.

Rudolph the coke nose reindeer 
Had a very bloody nose
His cartilage disintegrated 
From snorting all the blow

All of the other reindeer
Stole poor Rudolph's stash
Snorted all the blow
And threw the zip lock in the trash

Then one feaming winter's eve
Rudolph needed a fix
He shouted "where the hell's my fucking coke"
So they gave him a baking soda mix

Rudolph started to snort it
Not knowing what it was
Then he tried to go out flying
Without his usual buzz

That damned sleigh 
Started losing altitude
Santa exclaimed "What the fuck?
That was rather rude"

All of the other reindeer 
We impaled upon a tree
Rudolph adamantly shouted

 Rudolph has since been in rehab and has been sober ever since.

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