A drone you can wear on your wrist like a watch: The Nixie

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A drone you can wear on your wrist like a watch: The Nixie

I'm not going to link to an article this time, but you can see the promotional video at the link below.

Instead, I'd like to open discussion on the technology in general.

A drone's military use is obvious, but it doesn't end there. Amazon is investing in R&D for delivery drones, and I recall hearing about a pizza delivery service working on it as well.

There's also the personal use evidenced in the video.

Vancouver police have recently been receiving reports of drones flying outside skyscrapers, including apartment buildings. Thought you were safe walking by the window naked on the 40th floor? Think again.

From military to commercial to individual espionage, the drone is an exceptionally effective tool. So effective that it must eventually revolutionise any and all privacy laws and acts, much like the internet is doing.

Personally I think being able to have a little drone follow you around is awesome, until it isn't in my control. How easy it will be to steal information with these devices. A multi-purpose camera with zoom controls and the entire light spectrum to work with means sending a little drone on a circuit of a 20 story building could conceivably acquire sufficient data to impersonate dozens of people, and capture nude pics or other... uncomfortable scenarios with ease.

And there's no way to identify the perpetrator. As drones become more popular, it will become harder and harder to get lists of potential suspects. Even capturing the drone, which will inevitably happen somewhere, will not necessarily identify who was utilising it.

For a long time societies have debated the ethics of installing cameras around cities. Now the debate has been rendered moot. No matter where you are, there may be a little camera following you around without your knowledge or consent. Maybe a bored teenager is behind the wheel, or maybe the NSA. Or maybe a crime syndicate. There's no way to know.


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 On Kickstarter there was a

 On Kickstarter there was a guy who started the "drone which follows you" and it uses a tracking device you wear. I liked it so much I sent it off to my brother in laws who own an adventure company. I thought it would be cool for the rafting trips.

So I got the idea that cops should have these things. When you are at a call you get out of the vehicle and the thing is released from the roof of the car. It follows you around based on the tracking device on the cop. No more questions about who shot who or what happened.

I also thought it would be cool for cops who could stay in their car, release it, then use it for surveillance. Just put the video feed to the screen in the car. There are a bunch of other possible situations like this where it would assist in hunting animals or if you were searching for lost people in the woods.