Six dead disarming Israeli Missile

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Six dead disarming Israeli Missile

 And it looks as though the upcoming truce talks may be put on hold once again. Why do they even bother claiming cease fires and truce talks ?

Six dead as Gaza disposal team tackles Israeli missile

Six people were killed in the Gaza Strip when an Israeli missile exploded amid attempts to dismantle it.

The dead included two journalists - an Italian and a Palestinian - and a number of bomb disposal officers.

The incident happened in the town of Beit Lahiya, in the north of the Gaza Strip

It comes hours before a three-day ceasefire agreed between Israel and the Palestinians is due to expire.

Indirect talks aimed at finding a long-term solution to the Gaza conflict having been taking place in Cairo involving negotiators from the two sides.

Among those killed in Wednesday's explosion was Simone Camilli, a video journalist working for several international agencies, including Associated Press.

Some 2,000 people have died since the fighting in Gaza began on 8 July.

Those killed include more than 1,900 Palestinians, mostly civilians, according to the UN.

Sixty-four Israeli soldiers have been killed in the violence and three civilians in Israel have also died.


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I had heard about this

I had heard about this yesterday but thought it was an internet farce. The original story I heard was that it was a bomb disposal instructor teaching students on how to disarm a bomb.