Alaskan frogs survive at -18 degrees for 218 days

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Alaskan frogs survive at -18 degrees for 218 days

Earlier, frogs captured from the eastern US and Canada were shown to survive being frozen for a only few weeks and to no lower than about minus 7.2 degrees celsius.

"If science can figure out how to freeze human organs without damage it would allow more time to reach people in need of organs," said Larson.

We know that wood frogs are freeze-tolerant amphibians but this new study is important as it is the first in which researchers have examined the frogs under natural conditions.

In subarctic Interior Alaska, wood frogs overwinter in the ground covered by duff and leaf litter, creating a hibernacula, which is actually a small cave like structure. The temperatures inside the hibernacula can remain below freezing for more than six months with minimum temperatures of minus four (minus 20 celsius).

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Eventually we will be able

Eventually we will be able to go in to outer space with out a space suit.