Natures strongest glue finally reveals its secrets

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Natures strongest glue finally reveals its secrets

Nature's strongest glue comes unstuck

July 18, 2014

Newcastle University

Over a 150 years since it was first described by Darwin, scientists are finally uncovering the secrets behind the super strength of barnacle glue. Still far better than anything we have been able to develop synthetically, barnacle glue -- or cement -- sticks to any surface, under any conditions. But exactly how this superglue of superglues works has remained a mystery -- until now.

An international team of scientists led by Newcastle University, UK, and funded by the US Office of Naval Research, have shown for the first time that barnacle larvae release an oily droplet to clear the water from surfaces before sticking down using a phosphoprotein adhesive.
Publishing their findings this week in the academic journal Nature Communications, author Dr Nick Aldred says the findings could pave the way for the development of novel synthetic bioadhesives for use in medical implants and micro-electronics. The research will also be important in the production of new anti-fouling coatings for ships.

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Wow that is cool! I had

Wow that is cool! I had heard about barnacles using that glue to hold on to things and that it was uber strong.

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 "Nature's strongest glue"?

 "Nature's strongest glue"? Is that what they are calling it these days? Ha, I made a funny.

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