GASP, a Muslim American has a law degree, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!

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GASP, a Muslim American has a law degree, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!

Here it comes, "You hypocrite" you call religion poison, but yet defend the right of a fellow citizen to hold a legally earned job?

Yes my detractors I do. Because some here, seem to miss the same point believers do. One is the issue of human rights and common law, and the other is the ability to demonstrate the credibility of even needing a god or a religion at all.

Ok here is the skinny. I have no link because I saw this in passing, but it fucking pissed me off as Fucks News often does.

So I am flippen through channels, and end up on Fucks News where a "corrispondant" is in mid rant yelling at a Muslim women who is a lawyer defending a "terrorist". Now of course like I said, it was in passing, but this logic makes no sense at all.

Citizenship or not, if the case was put in a US court that is what it ended up as and it is not the lawyers fault it did. Secondly McVieh was also labeled a "terrorist" and was tried in a court as well, and I have no doubt that this Muslim lawyer would have done the same job for him as she was assigned for in this case as well.


There is nothing stopping a legal citizen either born here or naturalized, from going to law school, and getting a law degree. If that person becomes a private defense atourny or a public defender, there job is the same. They do not even have to personally like their client, or like what they are accused of. Their job is still the same.


I really don't want to hear about the accused's citizenship issue. You deal the cards you are delt and the cause has ended up in a US court not a military court. Do not blame a person who has earned a legal job for what policy or government or federal appeals courts ended up deciding.


FUCKS NEWS used her religion to scare the crap out of her base, just like they do with every other issue. They do not care one bit how they make money.




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