Stanley Cup playoffs anyone?

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Stanley Cup playoffs anyone?

They've been better the last few years than they have since the early to mid 90s! The Blackhawks almost made it again. Wish they did! The Habs scored a major upset of the Bruins. Now the LA Kings have a 2-0 lead in the finals over the NY Rangers after 5-4 double OT win!

I know there are some Canucks and other hockey fans here. So your thoughts?


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I stopped watching when

I stopped watching when Montreal lost, though I'm quietly rooting for the Kings. They've been a reluctant 3rd favourite team since most of the cup winning Oilers went to L.A. in the early 90's.

I think the quality of the playoffs has dropped. Mostly because the regular season has been ruined, and you can't properly contrast teams anymore. The Oilers and Leafs face off maybe twice in a year, while the Leafs and Senators face off a good 6-10 times. There was a time when every team faced every other team the same number of games. If Edmonton met Toronto 5 times, Toronto and Ottawa also met 5 times. That's the only way to properly construct the standings going into the playoffs. Now you can be the worst ranked team in the league but be a better team than the other entire conference has to offer. It's stupid.

At least Canada doesn't need to have a Canadian team win the cup to win the cup. Most or all teams have a large proportion of Canadian players. So the cup always comes home.

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