Of "plans" and "design" the absurdity of god claims.

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Of "plans" and "design" the absurdity of god claims.

Anyone reading this can do a google search of the amount of worldwide death per year from everything. On average 50 to 60 million people die worldwide every sing year from EVERYTHING. In child birth, to childhood desease, old age, famine, desease in general, crime and war. Year after year after year. So that would be half a billion in 10 years and 1 billion deaths in 20 years. This does not indicate a god at all, and most certianly not one you could call moral or "all loving" if you claim it is also "all powerful".

The scientific fact is that this planet has had 5 mass extinctions in it's history and very few species have survived. Humans stupidly equate intellegence to being above evolution when evolution says we are merely one speices in this planet's history. It is absurd to claim we are "designed" when we can choke to death on food because we share the same breathing hole that we eat with. Dolphins and whales do not have that problem. Eagles have better eyesight than humans. Cockroaches and bacteria outnumber humans. And as the late Christopher Hitchens put it about " design", "What kind of design is it to put an entertainment center(our private parts) in the middle of a sewage system?".

For every one of the 7 billion humans living today, there were trillions of sperm and eggs that did nothing. For every tree you see there were countless more acorns that simply rotted and did nothing. It is a mistake in perception to see the "abundence of life" as proof of the existence of ANY GOD. If anyone uses the "life is pretty" argument for a god, they should take a space shuttle into orbit, take a space walk, and take their helmet off. They will certianly find out how "pretty" reality is. I find it absurd to think "all this" was put here for humans considering it takes one ray of light 100,000 years to cross our galaxy. That is not even considering the billions of other galaxies in the universe.

If any given religion in our species history were the one true religion required for evolution to occur, then science would have proven it to be a scientific necessity and we'd expect it to be provable. Yet, prior to our current popular religions and even before any written history, humans managed to reproduce without the current religions we have today. In the future we should expect to see our current religions morph into newer versions or flat out die and be scrapped for other superstitions. Ultimatly for our species we will go extinct and the core of our planet will run out of fuel and it will die, along with our sun, and the universe will continue on with no record of our species existence at all.

Religion and god claims are an unfortunate part of our species existence in that we far to often default to false perceptions to fill in gaps where answers lack. Increasingly we have learned to overcome our false perceptions through our modern age of science. This ability does not make us emotional robots or evil fascists. It merely means we are as a species in a better age of technology that allows us to give up on kaleidoscope fantasy thinking in favor of telescopes. The simple fact is that humans make up god claims and start religions as a ignorant way of avoiding our finite reality.

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