Gay NFL Star and Michelle Obama

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Gay NFL Star and Michelle Obama

 I wonder exactly this would affect him ? If it would affect him at all ?


Gay NFL draft prospect Michael Sam praised by Michelle Obama


American footballer Michael Sam, who aims to become the NFL's first openly gay player, has won praise from First Lady Michelle Obama.

The 24-year-old former University of Missouri athlete revealed his sexuality on Sunday.

Mrs Obama took to Twitter to call Sam "an inspiration to all of us".

The National Football League has also welcomed the defensive lineman's announcement, saying Sam has "honesty and courage".

Mrs Obama said of Sam: "We couldn't be prouder of your courage both on and off the field."

'Great example'

In the interview that aired on ESPN on Sunday, Sam said: "I came to tell the world I'm an openly gay man.

"If I work hard, if I make plays - that's all that should matter."

The athlete completed his college football career in December and is expected to be drafted by an NFL franchise in May.

He is said to have revealed his sexuality to his former college teammates at the University of Missouri's Mizzou Tigers, but admitted doing so publicly was "a weight off his chest".

"I probably may be the first but I won't be the last," he added. "And I think only good things will come from this."

Former college coach Gary Pinkel supported Sam on Monday, telling US media the athlete is "a great example of just how important it is to be respectful of others".

"He's taught a lot of people here first hand that it doesn't matter what your background is, or your personal orientation, we're all on the same team and we all support each other," Mr Pinkel added.

Adverse effects?

Should Sam be drafted as expected and make an NFL roster in the 2014 season, he would become the first openly gay player to compete in any of North America's four major professional sports leagues - football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

However, Sports Illustrated quotesanonymous coaches and scouts as saying that Sam's NFL draft outlook will now be adversely affected.

"In blunt terms, they project a significant drop in Sam's draft stock, a publicity circus and an NFL locker room culture not prepared to deal with an openly gay player," says the report.

In April 2013, basketball player Jason Collins came out during the sport's off-season but was not signed for the next campaign, meaning he never competed as an openly gay player.

Sam is expected to be a mid-draft pick when the NFL's teams hold their annual draft meeting, a process where players from America's college football system are signed for professional franchises.

Former players from the league have come out since retiring, but none have done so during their careers.

In a statement, the NFL said: "Michael is a football player. Any player with ability and determination can succeed in the NFL.

"We look forward to welcoming and supporting Michael Sam in 2014."


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                           Look foreward to New England or Pittsburg being the only interested parties for his services.   It is just their nature on draftees and free agents,  and New England has a better track record with results [i.e. Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Junior Seau, Donte Hightower, etc........].     Robert  Kraft, Bill Belechik and even St.Thomas of Brady have little concern for anything but 'how to win' .  The team that drafts Micheal Sam will sell more season tickets [a few more, no BIG number] then last year but  weigh that against agravation and 'bad' PR & locker room 'comfort' most teams will simply  NOT draft,  nor invite.   Pittsburg and New England don't think like that,   they thrive on the discards and unwanted.   Sam has a place in the NFL,  now all he has to do is prove IT;  Pat's  and Steeler's are his best shot.                                   


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This sucks for me being a

This sucks for me being a Redskins fan. The Skins have suffered lack of a balanced team since Danny took over. I am sure Sam would benefit the Redskins, but for the past 20 years it has been like owning a Lamborghini with a flat tire and oil leak. Anyone should want Sam on their team, but the Redskins cant seem to fix our flat tire and oil leak. Even if Sam ends up on Dallas, I will root for him. Right now I think Sam can do better than the Redskins, although if we got him, or any team for that matter, would have a great player.

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