Dude tries to jump White House Fence

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Dude tries to jump White House Fence

 Wonder what he was REALLY planning on doing when he got to the other side? And the President was not even there for him to talk to either. 



Man arrested climbing White House fence


(Reuters) - A man with two suspicious bags attempted to climb a White House fence on Friday before being apprehended, leading to a security lockdown of the White House grounds.

A Secret Service spokesman said the man was taken into custody and his bags were being screened.

"He did not make it over the fence," a U.S. Secret Service spokesman said.

The area around the White House was shut down and reporters were not allowed to leave through one of the gates because of the incident.


President Barack Obama was traveling in Michigan at the time.


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And he wasn't shot 5000

And he wasn't shot 5000 times? Shocking.

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