Goblin Valley Rock Topple

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Goblin Valley Rock Topple

 Dudes caught a felony charge for toppling over a monument. 


Dave Hall and Glenn Taylor charged in Goblin Valley rock topple

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The men were sacked by the Boy Scouts of America after the video of the incident spread across the internet and provoked an outcry


US Prosecutors have filed felony charges against two ex-scout leaders who toppled over an ancient rock formation at a state park last year.

Dave Hall filmed Glenn Taylor pushing over the 170 million-year-old sandstone rock in Utah's Goblin Valley State Park in October and celebrating.

Mr Taylor, 45, was charged with criminal mischief and Mr Hall, 42, with aiding criminal mischief.

The men said the rock was in danger of falling and hurting someone.

If convicted, the men face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 (£3,042) in fines.

A video of the incident on an 11 October outing spread on YouTube and provoked an immediate outcry.

They were fired by the Boy Scouts of American several days later.

The men are due in court on 18 March, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

Emery County Attorney David Blackwell told the Associated Press he was trying to negotiate a plea deal.

Mr Taylor's lawyer said he would defend his client against "an overcharge". Mr Hall declined to comment.


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