Nun Did Not Know That She Was Pregnant (It is a miracle)

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Nun Did Not Know That She Was Pregnant (It is a miracle)

 He is named after Pope Francis ? Hmm.


A nun who gave birth to a baby boy in the central Italian city of Rieti, said she had no idea she was pregnant, local media report.

The 31-year-old was rushed to hospital with abdominal pains, which she thought were stomach cramps.

The young mother, who is originally from El Salvador, reportedly named her newborn Francis after the current Pope.

The mayor of Rieti, Simone Petrangeli has appealed to the public and media to respect the woman's privacy.

The news has drawn international attention to the small city of 47,700 inhabitants.

The nun called the ambulance on Wednesday morning. A few hours later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

"I did not know I was pregnant. I only felt a stomach pain," she was quoted as saying by the Ansa news agency.

People at the hospital have begun collecting clothes and donations for the mother and her child, Italian media say.

The woman belongs to a convent near Rieti, which manages an old people's home.

Fellow nuns at the convent said they were "surprised" by the news.

Local pastor Don Fabrizio Borrello told journalists that the nun planned to take care of the baby.

"I guess she's telling the truth when she says she arrived at the hospital unaware of the pregnancy."

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So much for celibacy

So much for celibacy

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That's how religions get

That's how religions get started... woman claims to get pregnant but not have sex, then people fill in the blanks.

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Vastet wrote:So much for

Vastet wrote:
So much for celibacy

celibacy was virtually extinct in 18th century catholic France...

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harleysportster wrote: "I

harleysportster wrote:


"I guess she's telling the truth when she says she arrived at the hospital unaware of the pregnancy."

I sure hope that she doesn't claim that she has no idea how it happened though...last time that lie spread, shit got out of hand. 

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Real life & of monumental value is that Tough enough

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So much for celibacy


      We can be all pretty short sighted. Just for once, I'd like to make a post again; without the worry of prying eyes, like before. Off-the-record. Nothing cleaver, no folly; and no word play for just a moment. No-one is asking for any concession or recognition of its'  monumental value either.  This is not wise for me to say.   But, What? Never heard of it!? 

    Celibacy lives, and in the  21st Century, believe you me!! Are you kidding me ?!!?? And to be ruined completely is only a matter of getting in situations that shouldnt be allowed for (generally speaking from what I've observed in others costly mistakes). I'd hope you'd all not find yourselves at that place where purity needs to be redone. Doubt you got the time, sports fans. Higher wisdom, simply won't leave us waiting for nothing. The pay-off is unendly huge, otherwise how could you find yourself in the situation in which you are at ???. By not affirming the good, not delaying gradification. I'd rather go through the unending sorrow for all the right reasons, instead of all the wrong ones.

    Real life & of monumental value is that. Celibacy lives, in OUR real-world LIVES for ALL-those who are not averse to humiliate themselves in the long term, for fear of disasterous results if we were to do otherwise. It's not a matter or question of if we choose to endure and hold on,  {Pay that price,  and  you'd better treat me right..  dear}. Nonetheless, What has upset me the most is you are despised by all quarters, like something is wrong,  by most all manner of people, at least in this particular society. And no, I havent cracked-up, Okay?!??


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 p.s. -- Hey, Personal shoutouts to Mr. Fonz.


  Very Relevant -- With a particular cludered study shelf of mine, off fell this subversive book  I havent cracked open  in a long long while now. The Hindu sacred writ of one of the Puranas

The Garuda Purana For the 'nearly' departed. When there's those situations IF YOU CANNOT SAY IT IN WORDS OR TESTIFY IN WORDS, there were gifts to be sent as offerings ::

 112. & 115. -- Avoiding trouble ''with those nearly departing, Therefore a gift should be made, as is prescribed by custom .. What is given through the father has a hundred fold merit; through the mother,  a thousand-fold merit;   through the sister, ten-thousand fold merit; through the brother incalculable.'' (Reminds me of what a messianic jew once  briefly  related to me  about a very happy and special occasion, I'm told  ..  I won't share this time) -




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 Twins ?

 Gal. 4

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Says . . The Times They Are A-Changin'

  Name that tune, from YouTube covers, I'd guess one of two Bob Dylan songs he quoted from in his own (that's Fonz's) Subject-line :




  The Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan's song) .. Lyrics "For the times they are a-changin'" ..''Come mothers and fathers throughout the land. And don't criticize [now] what you can't understand..''


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