Mid winter charity 2013

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Mid winter charity 2013

Once more into the breach fellow non-believers.  The family charity I'm part of was again a big success.  It's called Forever 7  foundation, now seven years old and counting.  It's named for the seven sisters who started it for their less well off hometown neighbors in Cummings Lodge area of Georgetown Guyana. Only 4 of the sisters made it this year,  2 have passed away and a third decided to stay home in Canada to give birth to her son {born Dec. 4}.   The baby at the end of the video is Tyler Singh. I show up at the 27 second point with my best friend  Sr.Supt. of police O.Trotz , I've known the guy since he was a mere constable walking a beat [28 years] that's longer then I've known my wife.      The video is mostly filmed at my house in Guyana [a ritzy neighborhood, but near by] and filmed and edited by my now 12 yer old niece Allyssa. 





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Jeffrick, I wrote a little

Jeffrick, I wrote a little article about your charitable nature here: http://www.atheistvolunteers.org/node/60