My mom is a mafia boss.

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My mom is a mafia boss.


Ok, my mom playscards(kings row whatever that is) with her friends every Thursday at the clubhouse in the community where she used to live, WINS MOST OF THE TIME. Now she is in a retirement home and plays bingo a few times a week. And even as a kid and teen like backgammon, she'd always win.

No one buys into the bingo game, but if you win the charity worker who comes in pays out. Normal wins for the average hour is 25cents. But tonight my mom won $1.75.

There is no skill in bingo other than spotting the numbers on your card, so knowing how long she has been there and how much she wins, I swear she has the entire damned thing rigged and I am now sure she had a hand in starting Las Vegas but has kept a lid on that part of her history.


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I don't know about Kings

I don't know about Kings Row, but there are people who play backgammon in Vegas. I've heard of games being played for numbers in the tens of thousands. Around the clubs here I can find a backgammon game on rare occasion for $50 a point. Everyone is too addicted to poker, no one plays the classics anymore.

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