Obama and the Pay Gap Issue

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Obama and the Pay Gap Issue

It looks like the President is now talking about "economic inequality" and raising the minimum wage.


Obama calls for action on 'profoundly unequal' economy


The US president said the country had accepted higher levels of economic inequality than other developed nations because Americans "were convinced that America is a place where even if you're born with nothing, with a little hard work you can improve your own situation over time".

But Mr Obama, a Democrat, said rising income inequality had been accompanied in recent decades by diminishing opportunities for social mobility.


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Lol "profoundly unequal." 

Lol "profoundly unequal."  So fucking tired of politics and the Wormtongue-whisperings they do to the gullible American public.


Lend the nation some of that Wall Street and lobbying money and then we'll talk about "profoundly unequal," Mr. President.

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raising minimum wage is

raising minimum wage is another fucking patch on top of a patch on top of a patch.

if this administration is serious about changing the american economic paradigm, the whole system will have to be torn up by the roots, all the way back to the constitution, with its enshrinement of "life, liberty, and property."

of course, the administration cannot be serious, since one of the fundamental duties of the president is to protect the constitution. so we'll just keep playing minimum wage shuffle board until the bottom drops out.

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Lip service. That's all

Lip service. That's all Obama seems to do, for anything. A rise in minimum wage can not fix things. Tying minimum wage to inflation, retroactively, would be far more effective. But even that wouldn't solve the core problems.

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