Putin seeks a broader US alliance

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Putin seeks a broader US alliance


Ample opportunities exist to broaden partnership with US - Putin

President Vladimir Putin hopes Russia will never again become entangled in global conflicts with any country, including the United States. He said this speaking in front of the Moscow State University students on Tuesday.

"I hope Russia will never again become involved in any conflicts of a global scope, especially with such countries as the United States. Just the opposite. Cooperation and partnership must be promoted, despite disputes. We have ample opportunity to do this," Putin told law students.

Putin made this statement while commenting on opinions posted on the Internet that Russia should give up some territories, including in the Arctic.

(I wonder what this will mean in the long run ? Provided that it means anything at all)
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2013_12_03/Ample-opportunities-exist-to-broaden-partnership-with-US-Putin-9259/


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