Escalating Violence Against Women in Syria

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Escalating Violence Against Women in Syria

Violence against women in the Middle East is on the rise, human rights groups report.


Syria conflict: Women 'targets of abuse and torture'


Women in Syria are increasingly the targets of violent abuse and torture by government forces and armed groups.

Some 6,000 women have been raped since the start of the conflict in March 2011, the Euro Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) says.

A spokeswoman for the group said these women were then socially stigmatised, and often forced to flee their homes.

Women are being targeted by snipers and used as human shields, often with their children, the report also says.

Violence against Women, a Bleeding Wound in the Syrian Conflict is based on interviews with victims and medical staff in the first half of 2013.

The report describes how hundreds of Syrian women have been subjected to arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances and have undergone various forms of torture, in state detention facilities.


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But none if it is religious

But none if it is religious and all of it is secular. Who cares if the Koran has as much sexism in it as the bible.


Harris was wrong, we should never question the motives of the religious because that might offend them.


I'd go over to the Syrian Atheist page on FB and look and see what Syrians think of their own and what they as atheists think religion does to their country. No one has to believe me.

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Brian37 wrote: I'd go over

Brian37 wrote:


I'd go over to the Syrian Atheist page on FB and look and see what Syrians think of their own and what they as atheists think religion does to their country. No one has to believe me.


         Syrians can worry about their own affairs. There's enough trouble around the world to keep everybody occupied in their own god damned country.   I'm an American so I'll worry about America.  If you're so fucking worried about the Syrians then buy an airplane ticket and go there, Man-Boy.

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It's sad that so much of the

It's sad that so much of the middle east is in such bad shape, and even sadder that the attempts by the west to subjugate and control the middle east is largely responsible for it. Best to leave them alone. They aren't really any worse than western countries were 150 years ago. They need to work it out on their own. Trying to force things will just make it worse.

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Brian37 wrote:But none if it

Brian37 wrote:

But none if it is religious and all of it is secular.

and both those terms are nothing more than superimpositions on the same human condition.

an irreligious human is neither better nor worse than a religious human just for being irreligious.

the problem is neither "secular" nor "religious" but human.  until we learn to look at individuals and only individuals and stop putting -isms on trial in and of themselves, we (and that includes atheists) will continue to fuck everything up.

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