A whole new spin on "Bible thumping"

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A whole new spin on "Bible thumping"



TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Police say a northwest Ohio man hit a gas station clerk in the head with a Bible numerous times forcing the employee back into the store and then demanded cash.


The 57-year-old Abbott Griffin was arraigned on an aggravated robbery charge on Friday in Toledo Municipal Court. A judge set the Toledo man’s bond at $50,000.


Court records show that when the amount of money seemed not to be sufficient for Griffin Wednesday night, he allegedly threatened the clerk saying he had something in his left hand that could put the clerk “on the floor.” Police arrested Griffin at the scene. They found two folding knives on him during a pat-down.


Court records do not list an attorney for Griffin.



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Well, the bible is a weapon

Well, the bible is a weapon merely from swallowing the crap in it, but now without compunction we can say that it can also be used as a real physical weapon.


So if you rob a joint with a broom, does that make you a Harry Potter fan?

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